Sunday, 30 September 2007

Mergeant 0.66-1

The latest version of mergeant, a GNOME GUI for database manipulation, has finally reached the Debian archives, closing all bugs which were open against the previous one. Thanks, Loïc, for the sponsorship. As a side note, this version of mergeant has got an implicit pointer conversion bug due to missing includes in two different files. This was my first chance to test the bug forwarding feature of the Bug Triaging and Forwarding Tool (my project in Google's Summer of Code 2007). It isn't as comprehensible as I would like due to limitations on bugzilla, but was pretty handy nevertheless.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

September 7th

Last friday was a national holiday here on Brazil (independence day). Even though there were lots of problems (my car got damaged while in the parking lot during the week, our planned paths were closed due to independece parties two times, etc), this was a very cool day. I've joined some friends and have gone to Holambra, 135km away from São Paulo, to see the famous expoflora - an exposition of flowers. It's aways nice to pass some time with good friends, forgetting the boring daily routines. The exposition was very interesting. They had (of course) a lot of flowers, one of the coolest being the "rainbow roses" - roses with various colors. Maybe I'll get some photos up sometime... Besides the flowers, they also had some exhibitions of Netherlands traditions, and of old rural stuff. The only downside goes to the organization; sometimes it was hard to find the way on the place (and to the place also), there should have been a lot of extra signs around.