Wednesday, 30 July 2008

College Finished ^_^

I've finally graduated from college course recently (something like a month ago, actually). I've made a four year technological graduation course on Data Processing at the São Paulo campus of FATEC, a somewhat renowned public college around there.

The course itself is, as the name (which was recently changed) suggests, a bit outdated. It's purpose is to teach IT with focus on how it's used on the real, work life, and is partially successful at th at, even though an update to more modern technologies (such as better coverage of OOP practices in place of the over-emphasized structured analysis) would be good. As with every graduation course, it shows the tip of the iceberg, and the students need to learn the rest by themselves. No news on the teachers side also: a few very good teachers, some average ones and some really bad ones, besides a few which are so bad that calling them teachers should be a crime.

The strongest point about FATEC, and the reason that its name stay high even though the course itself isn't anything above what I believe to be the average is, in my opinion (and of some others I've talked about it) the students themselves. The high competition on the entrance exams, plus the hard classes of math right at the start of the course, makes sure that only people intelligent enough to handle themselves and learn whatever they need (plus a few flukes, of course) graduate.