Sunday, 9 March 2008

Mennoch the Devil

I've finished reading Anne Rice's Mennoch the Devil (released as just Mennoch in Brazil... I guess devil is a word too strong by here...), the fifth book in her Vampire Chronicles. I haven't read The Tale of the Body Thief yet, so some references where a bit puzzling, but it was readable nevertheless.

The book was very interesting, particularly Mennoch's version of the history of the creation (it probably can be quite offensive for the religious though). Roger's history also wasn't bad, but I feel that Dora's could've been better. I find her reactions after getting the veil to have been very strange and out-of-character. I also wonder if Lestat shouldn't have accepted Mennoch's proposal...

All said, I would recommend the book to anyone looking for a good fictional history which haven't problems with some blasphemy and have already read the previous book. For those who haven't, I would recommend reading them instead, as it would make more sense and AFAIR* they are better anyway.

* For the non-initiated, AFAIR = As Far As I Remember

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