Monday, 8 September 2008

HP Laserjet P3005d

We have acquired a new HP Laserjet P3005d printer at work some months ago, to replace an aging HP laserjet 2300dn which was consistently jamming on duplex jobs. The new printer just doesn't feel as good as the older one though... Anyway, there are some notes about problems I've found with it for reference.

CUPS, driver and advanced options/booklet printing

The printer was conected by USB to a Debian GNU/Linux server. With the 2300, running the setup allowed one to choose "client setup", tell the URI of the printer and have it just work out of the box with all the resources enabled. Unfortunately, this option isn't available in the 3005 driver (maybe HP people want to sell more network modules for the printers?).

To work around this issue while getting advanced options, such as booklet, working, one needs to install the printer as if it was connected on the computer, and create a new "local port" with the printer samba URI as "name" when asked about the printer port. (If such advanced options aren't needed, following the steps on the samba howto to install the printer driver on the server works well).

Strange printing anomalies after changing the toner

After replacing the toner with a new one, there was some horizontal bars and strange bubble-like stains on the printings. Took some time to figure out that the basic mandate of the computing would solve this one: just turn the printer off, give it some small time and turn it back on.

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