Thursday, 14 June 2007

Sao Paulo's Metro Strike

I live in São Paulo, The most important (IMO) city of Brazil. It's also the fifth most populous metropolitan region of the world. One of the main public transportation systems in São Paulo is its metro, which was once regarded as a transportation city of major quality. Lately, however, it has been sinking. Fast. Very fast. It just can't keep up with the demand; the trains are getting more and more full, and the timings are getting more irregular as time passes. If this isn't enough; the syndicate of metro workers seems to be formed by a bunch of selfish clowns. So, today, 3,3 million of people are without transport, because these clowns want 13% of income increase. Now, where are the laws which state that this kind of public service can't be paralyzed? The government should just send these clowns back to the circus they fled from. This brings us to another topic: the pathetic laws that regulates public/government workers . They can just work (or not work) however they want, and can't be fired. The ultimate job security here is to get into a government job. Finally, the solution for the (metro) problems: just privatize the damn thing already. Well, rant done, so let's go on with our daily schedules (or what is possible of it without metro, for the paulistans)

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