Monday, 16 July 2007

btsutils 0.2 release

For what can be read on Planet SoC, computer problems seems to be the norm between SoC students... I've got my part of this cake today with a power cut and some strange /dev permissions when my PC got back... Fortunately it was somewhat easy to solve (I believe it was the udev upgrade which did the trick), so I've been able to release btsutils 0.2. Please take a look on the announcement for more details. Still on the SoC side, thanks to the great work from the Debian ftpmaster team and Loïc Minier, the packages python-btsutils and python-bzutils have made their way through the NEW queue and are on the Debian official archive. And finally, on Debian side, Loïc Minier also uploaded libgnomedb3 3.0.0-2, a bug fix release for libgnomedb closing two bugs. Thanks, Loïc.

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