Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Debbugs SOAP

Following the hints by Bastian Venthur, which answered my last post (thanks, Bastian), and some suspicious mails to debian-debbugs, I've finally gotten to know that the debbugs' SOAP get_bugs is finally fixed. Of course, this means that btsutils has just got its query function implemented in SOAP besides the html parsing stuff. Also great news on the debbugs' SOAP camp is that get_status now works on more than one bug per call. Yay! Debbugs people rocks. I'm not realy in place to ask something more drom these great folks, but it would be great if those cool features they keep adding were announced somewhere. Now, the downside: Querying through SOAP is still quite slower than parsing the html. According to Python's timeit, getting a list with the bugs on all packages maintained by me takes about 17 seconds, while the same operation through HTML parsing takes about 10 seconds. I believe this differences comes from accessing the server one time on the HTML parsing and two times (get_bugs and get_status) on the SOAP.

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