Saturday, 18 August 2007

Final SoC releases

I've just finished releasing new versions of all modules related to my Summer of Code project, the Bug Triage and Forward Tool. If my mentor doesn't find any serious bug, these will be the last releases under the SoC flag. Thanks again, Google, for this great program and the progress it brings to Free Software. The releases: bzutils 0.2: btsutils 0.3: bug-triage 0.2.2: Debian packages should hit the archive as soon as they get evaluated and sponsored. Of course, a full status report will also be posted during the evaluation time.


Anonymous said...

This tool looks interesting. But it still lacks several features to help people deal with large amount of bugs such as those of the XSF:
* reassign
* merge, forcemerge
* found/notfound/fixed/notfixed

It's not clear to me whether tagging works yet, but it would be nice to queue multiple bts operations and add a button to "send the whole batch of reassign+merge+tags to the BTS".

Also, it would be very nice to have bug-triage automatically retrieves the package versions so that we don't have to remember all epoch/upstream/debian version numbers of all packages.

Please keep up the good work, it might be very useful soon.

Anonymous said...

Also, open bugs appear in the status column as pending. It is confusing with the "pending" tag. You should mark them "outstanding" or so.

Anonymous said...

And finally, there should be also a way to change the severity of bugs, the wontfix tag should be more visible (in the status column?), a way to hide done bugs or filter some according to their status, ...

That's all my wishlist for today, a lot of these are probably planned anyway :)