Sunday, 25 November 2007

mergeant 0.67-1

The newest version of mergeant, a GNOME GUI for database manipulation, has hit the Debian archives earlier this week (hmm... actually last week, as today is sunday). Thanks Loïc for the sponsorship. This version was a minor one, the biggest change being the use of a library to allow the binary to find its resources in different directories on runtime, which was disabled on the Debian package as the user isn't supposed to move its files around anyway. Another change was the migration of the mime data to the newer shared mime/freedesktop style. It took me some time to figure out that I had to install the mime file through dh_installmime to have it add the mime snippets on the maintainer scripts, as dh_installmime is called before dh_install on CDBS (I wonder if there is some reason for the calling order...) Update: I've missed that .sharedmime isn't a list of files to install like, say, .install; it is the file to install itself.

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