Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Book: Blood and Gold

Blood and Gold is yet another book in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. There, an old vampire named Thorne wakes from his long sleep and is greeted by Marius, which tells his history: how he was transformed in a vampire, got the mission to protect the first vampires, his life in various places and ages, his loves, allies and enemies, etc.

It did take some time for me to get immersed in this book. In the beginning, it seemed kind of slow/boring. However, as Marius history advances, some more interesting things start to happen, and by the middle of the book it starts to have the "what will happen next? guess I'll read just one more page" effect.

As with Mennoch the Devil, I believe the earlier titles of the series are more interesting. If you've read them and like Rice's works, then this one might be a very interesting reading.

PS: Big thanks for the friend which lent me the book

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