Saturday, 12 May 2007

Bug Triage and Forward: The Beginning

I've got some free time over the last two days, so I've started to write some code for my Summer of Code project, the Bug Triage and Forward Tool (bugtaf). As I had only a laptop without internet connection in hand, it wasn't possible to implement anything on the tracker integration part, so I've started the user interface. This is the first python application I'm writing, and so far it seems to be a great language. The biggest difficulty I've had so far with it was to find how to call the parent class constructor. I got stuck there yesterday when making QueryBuilder (derived from gtk.Dialog), but today (with internet), I found the answear on Dive Into Python. It's pretty straightforward BTW, I guess I need to sleep more. The pyGTK stuff is pretty simple; there, the background with C GTK programming helps a lot. The only quirk I had there is that calling set_border_width on a already packaged GtkBox (eg, on an Dialog's vbox) doesn't work :( After all that, I've git pushed it to alioth, and git pulled on my desktop. Just then I remembered I had created an ui branch, as I wasn't sure on how my first try with python/pyGTK would be and wished to test the git branching. It took me some fight with git, but everything seems to be properly merged in the master branch now.

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