Sunday, 27 May 2007

Two weeks later...

It has been two weeks from my last post there... due to this end of semester being a bit thougher than the last ones in my university I couldn't do everything I wanted, particularly on the Summer of Code front. Summer of Code I believe this blog should be on SoC's planet by now. Hello, planet :) I hope the SoC can be a great time for all of the people involved. Today, I finally got some time to make code to talk with debbugs (Debian's bug tracking system software). Thanks to the help of Don Armstrong on debian-debbugs, I have been able to get a python function to get informations from a given bug report through SOAP, but unfortunately it doesn't handle non-ascii characters. I've also made a similar function parsing the debbugs-generated HTML pages; but parsing html doesn't sound reliably at all. BTW, the code to parse HTML was mostly taken from Bastian Venthur's reportbug-ng; thanks Bastian. Free Software rocks because you don't have to rewrite the wheel. Debian Packages On the Debian Packaging front, libgda 3.0.1-1 was uploaded recently (thanks, Loïc Minier). Also, my patch to use libgcrypt instead of openssl was commited on libgnomedb upstream's repository (this time, the thanks goes to Vivien Malerba); I hope a new upstream release is made soon.

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