Sunday, 6 May 2007

Playing with alioth and git

I've been playing a bit with alioth's git support. I didn't find the full procedure to create a new git repository on alioth anywhere (of course, I didn't search a lot though), so I'll post how I did it here. First of all, I asked for a git repository on the Site Admin Support Requests Tracker. They created a directory with the right permissions in (bug-triage is the name of my alioth project). After that, I loged on through ssh (the ssh keys registered on alioth work fine) and initialized a new empty git repository there: $ mkdir /git/bug-triage/bug-triage.git; cd /git/bug-triage/bug-triage.git $ git --bare init-db --shared Then, I logged out of and created a git repository on my machine, with an empty README file, and tested pushing it to, which worked fine: $ mkdir ~/bug-triage; cd ~/bug-triage; touch README $ git init $ git add README $ git commit -m "Add an empty README" $ git push --all ssh:// Finally, I've set an origin remote entry on my machine's repository, so that I can use push, fetch and pull without typing the path: $ git remote add origin ssh:// To test that, I've edited the README file and "commited" the change to

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